Requirements for Texas Plumbing License

Requirements for Texas Plumbing License

In Texas, anyone who practices plumbing should have an updated Texas State License.  This goes for contractor employees, sub-contractors and full contractors.

Plumbing is the term used for:

  1. Practice of repairing piping fixtures, appurtenances in regards to storm drainage facilities or sanitary drainage
  2. Practice of medical gas piping, venting systems, private or public water supply systems, within or nest to a building, conveyance or structure
  3. Undertaking alterations, maintenance or installation of the above.

Plumbing is also used to refer to the practice of any materials used in extending, maintaining, altering or installing sewerage, storm water or water supply systems of any building or conveyance that’s connected to an acceptable terminal or a public disposal point.

In accordance to the provisions of this chapter, a Dallas heating and air conditioning company holding a valid utility contractor license or a person with a valid master plumbing license is qualified to perform activities that touch on plumbing.

As from 1st July, 1997, journeyman plumbers and master plumbers are required to have a certificate from the Division of Master Plumbers and Journeyman Plumbers to ascertain their qualification to do plumbing work that involves:

  • Construct, repair, or alter any plumbing system that extends from the property line up to any conveyance, structure or building (within five feet) regardless of the depth or cost of the plumbing system.

Any person who performs plumbing work as an employee, a sub-contractor or any plumbing contractor without an updated state plumber license breaks the law. Also a licensed master plumber who allows the services of unlicensed contractor or employee violates the Rules of the State Contraction Industry Licensing Board and the State law.

Qualification for Journeyman Plumber License

  • Three (3) years of experience in helping, training or apprenticeship in plumbing or related occupation in the plumbing field that can be validated.

Qualification for State Master Plumber License

  • Five years of experience as a licensed plumber that can be validated
  • Undertake and pass the state examination

NB: Unlicensed work is not admissible when seeking a master plumber license

Click here to download various state forms with comprehensive information on the state licensure requirements.

State law O.G.C.A 43-14 includes exemptions, requirements and definitions in regards to licensure.

The board rules also cover specific obligations for acquiring and maintaining a license. It is important to review this information to ascertain the requirements for a state license and the activities that require a state license.

Medical Gas Certification State Requirements

Medical Gas Piping is any piping system that purveys nitrous oxide, nitrogen, carbon oxide, medical compress air, oxygen or other non-flammable gas or/and a vacuum piping within a dental, medical or any other facility including a laboratory situated inside a health care facility.

In addition to a state journeyman or master plumber license, you are also required to hold a state medical gas certification if you install, alter, repair or maintain gas piping systems. Plumbers with a state medical gas certification will usually have “Medical Gas Piping” on their state cards.

To be eligible for medical gas certification as a licensed plumber, you must submit an application to the state board with a documented proof that you have completed a 32 hour medical gas piping program that is approved by the board. The approved courses usually include a minimum of 24 hours classroom instruction on the NFPA Standard on Vacuum and Gas Systems together with a written brazing test and examination.


Different states have different state laws and regulations. The eligibility requirements for attaining state license also vary. You should read your specific state laws and regulations to see if you are eligible.

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