Legalities of Buying a Used Car from a Private Seller

There are two main options for buying a used car; purchasing from a dealer, or purchasing from a private seller. All of these have their merits and demerits and it’s what this article will focus on.

How to handle purchase from strangers

More often than not, you will meet strangers when you decide on purchasing a used car, whether it’s from a dealer or a private seller.  If it’s a private seller, you may be required to meet at a personal residence, normally after working hours. On the other hand, purchase with a dealer will require you to meet in a business premise during working hours.

The most important safety precaution to take with private sellers is to transact your business in open, public places. Avoid holding your meeting and finalizing your purchase in a private location. Ensure that you inspect and test drive the vehicle in a neutral, public location, and send payments electronically after you are fully satisfied with the vehicles specifications.

Handling Paperwork

One notable disadvantage of buying from a private seller, as opposed to a dealer, is that the responsibility of handling paperwork that pertains to transfer of ownership will be yours.  You will be expected …

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