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Texas Oil Field Accident Lawyers

The Associated Press reports that the number of deaths among the nation’s gas and oil field workers continues to increase each year.  The hazards that surround oil and gas rig workers while they work make it an extremely dangerous job.  These hazards include exposure to toxic gases, suffocation, mast collapses, tank explosions, Automobile Accidents, valve blowouts, fires, and explosions.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that nearly 600 oil rig employees died on the job between the years 2002 and 2007.  They also report that the number of deaths on the job continued to increase each year in this 5 year span.  Some reasons as to why the number of workplace deaths continues to increase are:

  • Increase in drilling
  • Influx of new workers
  • Increase in inexperienced workers
  • Workplace environment where safety lapses are common
  • Increase in drug and alcohol use among workers

If you or a loved one have been serious injured or died in an oil field or rig accident, contact an experienced oil field accident lawyers to help you with the legal proceedings.

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