What Colour Should a Woman Wear to Court?

What Colour Should a Woman Wear to Court?

Any court case would be determined solely on the merits of the arguments and quality of the evidence in an ideal world. Like everything else in life, the truth about the law is that it’s always more complicated. The only element that tends to make a difference is how an individual appearing in court presents him/herself.

The lawyers at Jebaily Law Firm P.A. did come up with the following tips on what colour to wear to court to help out their clients and the rest. It also helps ensure nothing superficial sabotages the court cases.

Recommendations on What To Wear To Court For Men

The best alternative for men is a well-fitting suit. If you don’t own any suit or can’t get one in time for your court case, you can get a pair of slacks with a tucked-in dress shirt and a tie.

man in suit in court

Additionally, men should limit jewelry to only their wedding rings and a tasteful watch. The watch shouldn’t be too expensive to draw people’s attention. Besides, men should take out any piercings and conceal tattoos if possible. If you have dyed your hair, return it to its original color and style it in a conservative fashion. Also, men should shave and ensure their mustaches and beards are properly groomed and neat.

Finally, don’t forget to wear deodorant. Some splash of cologne would also work just fine, ensure you don’t overdo it.

What Color Should a Woman Wear to Court?

Women should always aim for a professional yet conservative look when deciding on how to dress for court. A pantsuit, skirt-and-blouse combination, or even a dress are all great options. Depending on the season, a sweater would be appropriate as well. If you are wearing the best support bra for full figured, make sure its well out of sight.

image of woman in suit in court

Just like their male counterparts, women should also limit jewelry. They should avoid wearing several layers of bracelets, rings, necklaces, and remove all piercings. If you have long hair, ensure you pull it from the face as it helps avoid mental nervous fidgeting. Your hair should be a natural color and properly styled. Tattoos should not be visible; a modest amount of perfume and deodorant would be ideal.

Best Colors to Wear to Court

When it comes to proper courtroom attire, research shows that color is equally important, just like style. Avoid brightly colored clothes, unusual patterns, and non-traditional colors since they tend to distract people’s attention hence putting more focus on the attire as opposed to an individual. Black is also not ideal since it seems both authoritative and cold, removing any sense of sympathy for an individual.

image of woman wearing dark suit

Dark blue or dark grey are the best colors to wear to court for both men and women. The colors are professional, neutral and formal. You might want these colors, even if you are wearing the best strapless bra for DD.

What You Shouldn’t Wear to Court

As a general rule, revealing clothing, shorts, sunglasses, pajamas, t-shirts, open-toed shoes, flip-flops, and hats shouldn’t see the light of any courtroom. Ultimately, you would want to appear professional, presentable and serious by all means for your day in court. Even if you won’t be called upon, how you look sends a silent signal to the judges, jury, and everyone else present in the courtroom.

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