7 Best Professional Gifts for Lawyers

7 Best Professional Gifts for Lawyers

Happy with your lawyer? If so, you may want to buy him a gift to appreciate his work. However, figuring out what gift to buy can be quite challenging.

In this post, we present 10 professional gifts for lawyers that will show your appreciation for their work. These gifts have been compiled from our interviews with different attorneys from around the country.

7 Best Gifts for Lawyers

#1.  Business Books from Thought Leaders

SuperBetter-The Power of Living Gamefully.“Books are always excellent gifts for lawyers”, says David Ghavitian, a commercial real estate lawyer, who also prints 3D cosplay costumes in his spare time. David says that the best book gifts for lawyers are those that deal with strategic thinking. Here is a selection of the top 5 strategic thinking books you should consider getting an attorney:

#2.  A Pocket Blanket

matador pocket blanketIt may not be spring yet but when the season is upon us, everyone would want to go on picnics. Of course, you could gift an attorney a giant blanket to keep in their car. However, how about gifting them a pocket blanket?

The Matador Pocket Blanket measures 63” x44” but folds into a tiny pouch. This blanket has built-in metal stakes and sand pocket corners.

#3.  Make their Home Smarter

wifi sprinkler controllerIs your lawyer friend looking for an easy way to do things automatically such as turn on and off the lights, control the sprinkler system, or feed their cat? If so, get them a smart home office device that will allow them to do all these things through their smartphone.

A smart device would be a great gift for lawyer boyfriend

#4.  A Tech Personal Assistant

amazon echoYou can also gift your attorney a (sort-of) personal assistant. Attorneys may not be considered tech-savvy but the future is here. If you know an attorney that is invested in the Amazon ecosystem, an Echo or a Dot gift would be ideal.

Tech devices are rated the best graduation gifts for lawyers.

#5.  Maintain Sanity with Better Coffee

oxo coffee makerThe coffee available at the lawyer’s office could be mundane or just terrible. Why not give your attorney a top-of-the-line OXO coffeemaker to ensure they have good coffee? If you are looking for low-cost coffee maker options, the Clever Dripper and AeroPress are excellent choices.

A coffee maker would be a great thank you gift for an attorney.

#6.  Never Lose Your Keys

tile mate keyfinderYou may not easily lose your smartphone and thanks to apps like Find My Phone, it is easy to locate lost devices. However, when it comes to keys, things are a little different.

If your lawyer usually carries a bunch of keys, get him a four-pack of Tiles. These Bluetooth trackers slip inside your wallet and attach to your keys. If you are not sure where your keys are, you can “ring” your tile and the app will indicate where it was last “seen”.

For example, if the Tile is attached to your key, you can know where the Tile was last detected by the app, and in turn, find where your keys are.

#7.  A Decent Lawyer Bag

samsonite lawyer bagBags are excellent lawyer gifts for those who are just starting out in their lawyer career. The last thing you want is for them to carry a bulky messenger bag or a rugged backpack when going to court

Get your lawyer a Saddleback Leather and Samsonite briefcase. Laptop totes are also excellent gifts to consider. These bags make classy gifts for lawyers.

Which are the Best Professional Gifts for Lawyers?

The above are the best gifts for lawyers. Which gifts have you bought in the past? Let us know in the comment section below.


Selection of Lawyer Books (Amazon)

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